Monday, January 11, 2010


I have goals -- a lot of them. I have found that, in the past, the more specific I am about my New Year's goals, the more chance I have of actually achieving them. So, I have moved away from the "lose weight" and "be more spiritual" type of goals, and have some concrete things I want to have done by the end of 2010.

  1. Be 2 sizes smaller at Sun Valley than the last time I was there. I really don't think that realistically I can be at my goal weight in 6 months, but I know if I work hard, I can be 2 sizes smaller by July. For me, that's about 40 pounds to lose.
  2. Complete one quilt a month. This can be anything, from finishing up those UFOs, to starting something new. I have yet to start on Ginger's quilt. Oops.
  3. Family scripture study every day. We have started on this, and it's going great so far. We read just one verse a day. Mini-me loves to be the reader. Patch is as distracting as he could possibly be. Flower isn't with us every night, but my goal for her this year is to learn to love the Book of Mormon as much as she loves the Bible. On a side note -- Curly and I have started reading the Book of Mormon together. Unfortunately, I have yet to stay awake as he reads. Oops.
  4. Eat out only once per week, unless we are travelling. This one will be hard, because I love to eat out. I think our budget will thank me. I need to be better about packing a lunch for Curly, too. Those $5 lunches add up!
  5. Cinnamon Roll Monday. This was an idea I had a couple of months ago. I actually read about something similar in a book. The character would make 3 pies every Sunday; one for her family, and then two for people she felt inspired to give them to. I'm not sure I can do a weekly batch of cinnamon rolls -- maybe just once a month. What I do know is that when I did it before Ginger was born, I really liked thinking about those who I know who might need a little extra love in the form of baked goods.

Anyway, that's it. Five specific goals for 2010. Wish me luck!


Joni said...

Good Luck!! You are so good to write them down where people can see them and ask you how you are doing with, VERY smart!

Anonymous said...

These are fabulous goals. I'd love to read a blog every month about how you're doing.

Lisa said...

These are fabulous goals that are good for all of us. I would love to hear your progress.

Emily Snow said...

Not to sound un-original, but those are great goals!