Thursday, April 02, 2009


Curly is golfing this afternoon. That officially makes me the "Best Wife Ever." It's a title I will gladly hold. He doesn't have the best day for it because it is pretty cloudy, but it's better than a finger in your eye.

Last night, as a new April Fools tradition, we told corny jokes around the dinner table. I found a great site with funny kids jokes. There were several variations of the Hundred-Acre Wood character looking in the toilet joke. Mini-me thought those were the best. Flower tried to April Fool her gym teacher by drawing big red dots all over her. Curly April Fooled his co-workers, and I got Curly good by letting him believe I had forgotten to go pick up Flower from school.

Curly just sent me a text message that he got a role in Cats and Way off Broadway. I giggle when I think of it, because his bits and pieces will be out there for the world to see. On that note, get your tickets now!

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Lori Cole said...

Wow! Curly in that is one we won't want to miss! Congrats to him. Missed seeing you at the FtP meeting on Weds, but love catching up with you on the blog.