Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today is the last day of April? Really? When did this happen? And Flower's birthday is less than a week away? Really? Huh. And how much school is left? Only 6 weeks for Mini-me, and 4 for Flower? REALLY? Wow.

May is going to be awesome. I have some really fun ideas. For example, you've all heard of Christmas in July, but have you heard of Halloween in May? Well, maybe I made that up. The fun will be to finish my Halloween quilt in May so that I can enjoy it in October. I also have some smaller projects that I need to finish, so it will be a fun month! Join me, won't you? If only I could figure out how to make one of those cute buttons for the side of my blog...

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Lisa said...

I am with you! Where did April go? Weren't we just watching General Conference?