Thursday, August 21, 2008

Phone Calls

What a night! Curly called at about 1 am that his hotel was on fire. Yikes! I haven't heard from him this morning, but I figure he's probably sleeping in. I'm sure the folks at the Giant Eagle headquarters will give them a little leeway this morning.


Anonymous said...

Well, in case he accesses your blog before he is able to reach you by phone (although doubtful) he'll see here that his parents just received the letter with their mission call, and the envelope is sitting here waiting to be opened! I hope his cell phone didn't catch fire (that might be his only alarm clock!), and I hope he's OK. Don't worry, Jana ... no news is good news! Love, Grandma Judy

Lisa said...

My, my, what happened? And where is Grandma Judy going on their mission???