Monday, December 03, 2012

You Know What?

You know what's awesome about being a sewing blogger around Christmastime? You guessed it -- so much going on, can't show any of it. I have so many balls in the air. And today I finally managed to figure out what to make for a very difficult person on my list. Phew. In the St. Nick of time! Now if I could extend my day by about three hours, and also up my energy level, that would be great.

In addition to all the gifting, I am making a little something for me. I've had this cute Christmas quilt in the works for years. The top is now all assembled. I just need to quilt it. I'm so happy with it. So is Ginger, who has to step on my quilts as I lay them out. I have another one on the floor today. She ran all over it.

What are you working on? Anything fun?


Jamie Lee said...

I hear you! I could use three extra hours after the kiddos go to bed.

Thimbleanna said...

Hey! I have a difficult person on my list too -- maybe your gift will work for my person LOL. I'm doing gift knitting. Can't show it either. Makes blogging a little difficult, no?

Mama Pea said...

I didn't know I was so difficult to shop/sew for. I'm sorry. I'll try to give better hints for you next year. But I love what you're making for me. ;-)

Jackie said...

That is sooo cute!