Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bucket List

When Curly dropped the bomb that we were moving, he suggested we each write a Frederick Bucket List. The kids wrote things like, "Have my friends over for a play date" or "Go to Baker Park." We told them we might not be able to do everything on their lists, but we would try our best. My list included a lot of restaurants. We've crossed a couple off the list already. It also included the fair. Specifically, entering a quilt (or two) and taking our kids out of school early to ride as many rides as we could.

Check and check.

I am pleased to announce that one of my quilts got a 4th place ribbon. Yay me! In the photo, it's the one on the top in the middle. I am pleased as punch. It was made from my pattern in the book. I had entered the quilt in the "Original Pattern" category, so if you make one, please be sure to tell people you made it from an Award Winning Pattern (capital letters are necessary). However, I am not pleased that I was wearing the most unflattering sweatshirt available. And my bra could be a little more supportive. Honestly. I'll be using this photo in my Biggest Loser audition. I'm sure Bob will ask if the funnel cake was worth it.
 I picked the kids up from school at about 1:45, and we got to the fair a little after 2 for the carload special. With that, the entire car gets in for one price and gets unlimited rides. By going early, we avoided long lines. The kids got to do all their favorites several times before the crowds arrived. And by kids, I'm including Curly in that. He did one ride that had him upside down and spinning in all directions called The Stinger. Even looking at it made me queasy. Ginger loved all the rides, especially those that spun really fast. Look at her face. Such happiness!
 In fact, she was really ticked she couldn't go on all the bigger rides. It's all she wanted. I, on the other hand, was more than happy to watch from the ground. I really don't like the rides. Curly took Mini-me and Patch on really fast and scary things. I really couldn't think too hard about the fact that these rides took mere hours to put together. Mini-me is 4th from the left, with Curly and Patch sitting right next to her. Patch's face on this one was priceless. He looked like Ron Weasley when he jinxed himself with slugs in the second Harry Potter movie. It was quite funny.
I love my Bucket List. I wish I could write: "Stay in Frederick until all my kids have graduated," but it's time to move on. Pittsburgh needs me and my Award Winning Pattern.


Kaisievic said...

What fun you had and such a great bucket list item to have checked off. Congratulations on your win - such a clever and talented girl you are. Good luck with the rest of the bucket list and the move.

Jamie Lee said...

Congrats on your big win! The bucket list is such a fantastic way to prioritize things before you leave. I'm sorry you are moving away from lovely Maryland. I hope Pittsburg realizes how lucky it is!

Jackie said...

That is such a funny post... btw did your bucket list say 'make a quick jaunt up to Canada?'

Thimbleanna said...

You're too funny! Congrats on the pattern win. And who can see your less-than-favorite-sweatshirt with that gorgeous smile???

patty said...

Those rides make me shudder. Congratulations on your award winning quilt.

Mama Pea said...

OMG, you crack me up about the sweatshirt, your boobs, and the funnel cake. You just tell old Bob it was totally worth it. I think your bucket list idea is just great. It's hard to leave a place you love so much.

Congrats on your quilt! That is so amazing!