Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Another great week for me. Are you getting tired of me praising myself? Hope not! I am down another pound, which makes 15.8 pounds. I am going into week 10, and so I'm on target for what I wanted to loose: 1-2 pounds per week.
Weight Watchers is challenging its members to walk a 5k in June. I am going to do it at the gym today and see how long it takes me. Maybe I'll even jog a little, however I make no promises. Sometimes when I jog, I toot a little. Is that TMI? Probably.

The weather yesterday was unbelievable! It reached 90 degrees here in Frederick. The kids and I went to the park for a picnic dinner. We took bread for the ducks and also played on the playground. I am not a fan of summer here in the Mid-Atlantic states, but the humidity was very low, so 90 didn't feel too bad. I'm not saying I want it to be a permanent state here, but once in a while won't kill me.


Vonna said...

You weighed in already?! HURRAY for another pound! I've been trying to do the running program they have in the "Beyond Walking" book..... it's hard for me, but I'm sure it'll be easy for you because you're blowing all the barriers away :)
Continued good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Good weight loss report! I'm a little envious of 90 degrees as it is 25 degrees this morning in SV.

Lisa said...

Good work, girl!

The Boys Mommy said...

You're doing great! And the tooting when you run may not be all that could make you run faster...heee, heee!