Thursday, April 01, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

I didn't post yesterday. Mainly because I forgot, but also because we had a visit from the in-laws, and Ginger decided to trade places with her evil twin. She finally burped up the gas that was bothering her all afternoon at about midnight. It feels so good to burp!

Anyway, it was good news on the scale yet again this week: I am down another pound! Seriously? I am so proud of myself. I need to be careful though. I might hurt my shoulder from the rigorous patting myself on the back.

Speaking of hurting oneself, Curly has pulled a muscle in his back. He went to the doctor today for some relief, and found that he also has a sinus infection. The poor man. I am now off to get his prescriptions. Then, when I come home, I will blog about the funniest April Fool's Day we've ever had.



The Boys Mommy said...

Way to go!!! You should be proud of yourself! Thanks for encouraging me to go too!!

Thimbleanna said...

I love April Fools jokes -- I hope it was a great one! And Congrats on the weight loss -- I think I know who found your pound LOL!