Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's In a Name?

Since I am now 9 weeks along, I figured it's about time we started thinking about names. With Mini-me, we had it narrowed down to two names. When we saw the ultrasound with the ultra-sassy baby who moved her mouth the entire time, we knew which of the names suited her. Matilda just doesn't sound sassy, now does it? Patch took us a little longer. We had a long list of names. By the time he was born, we had it narrowed to three. When we looked at him for the first time, we said: "Yup. He's a Patch."
There are so many names I like, but it needs to fit. I've been reading a book that stresses the "fit" of a name. Our kids have traditional Irish names that are also mainstream. So, if we went with Seamus or Siobahn, it wouldn't work (as much as I love those names). Likewise, naming it Pierre or Francesca wouldn't fit either. Also, since our kids have names that are in circulation today, resurrecting a Clarence or Henrietta just wouldn't do. All our names are two-syllables, so I think it's a must that Bambino have a two-syllable name.
Here are my choices thus far. Curly does not like all of them, but that's okay. He'll come around!
Quinn (I know, one syllable, but I love it!)
Maeve (again, one syllable, but lovely)
Kenley (this one is obnoxious because my dad's name is Ken Lee. We named Patch after my mom. So obnoxious)
What a dilemma this is! Luckily we have 7 months.


Lisa said...

If I were having a boy today, I would definitely name him Henry. I was so excited to see it on your list. So I vote for Henry. And I vote for Maeve or Lucy (keeping with your two syllables.)

Melonius said...

Well, I'm no help cuz I like them all.
I know what you mean, though. I knew what to name our first born son {that actually came to me in Basset's class} but then our second, well, was supposedly a boy and so after agonizing over that I had to come up with a girl name in the end and even switched it again at the last minute because it didn't fit.
So good luck.

teamZ said...

Good luck! I love Liam and Kenley. One of my favorite Irish names is Maurie, like Laurie. There is even a song called "Maurie's Wedding". I know the Cheftians and the Wiggles (yes, the Wiggles.I am a mom.) sing it.

Rach said...

I always loved the name Lucy and if we have another baby I would want to use it, but Maybe Lily and Lucy woudldn't work. Good luck with that. I think you are thinking about it way to early. How are you going to do a girls weekend with us roomies if you have a baby?

Terri said...

I vote for Liam for a boy, and Charlotte for a girl - love those names :)

Linz said...

We have very similar tastes in names. I have totally thought about Maeve if I have the chance to have another girl. I really love all your choices. I like the first four on each list the best.

Anonymous said...

The grandparents think your news is JUST GRAND. We're hoping you'll be feeling less "yucky" and more "lucky" very soon.

As far as names, we gave up after four and had to spend one whole afternoon at the Library of Congress searching for names for number five. Then we voted at our next Family Home Evening: "Shane" won! It sure took the pressure off us, by not having to shoulder the burden of the whole decision ourselves!

Love, G'ma Judy and G'pa Mike

the highlight addict said...

Congratulations! How wonderful!

You could always do what we did with Cole, we let Caleb choose, he was going to be Cole or Owen and Caleb liked Cole.