Monday, May 04, 2009

Finish It!

Jacquie over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio is hosting a Spring to Finish party this month. How it works is you see how many quilty things you can finish (from your in-progress pile), and then you get entered for a prize. I have quite a pile of in-progress, so hopefully this will be motivation to finish all those this month. Or, at least diminish the pile! I'm sure my sil will be happy about this, since her Christmas present is in my to-do pile! She lives in Alaska, so a quilt arriving as spring is coming to a close is an okay thing.

Mini-me and Patch were both sick over the weekend, and I fear I am catching it. Ugh. Mini-me is bummed she's feeling better today. She wants her blankie to come down from her room, which only happens if a fever is involved. She has asked me to check her temperature twice in the last 30 minutes.

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teamZ said...

I hope the "sicks" leaves your house soon so you can work on your to do pile