Monday, February 23, 2009

Manic Monday

It's not quite a normal Monday around here. We have 4 members of the family who are quite sniffly. Flower stayed home from school today. Her eyes were so dull this morning, and she was complaining of the headache/stomachache/throatache trifecta, so we declared it an official Sick Day. I checked out some movies from the Redbox after taking Mini-me to school. The kids are now enjoying Snow Buddies, which is a heartwarming tale about a bunch of golden labradors who somehow become sled dogs. I'm a little fuzzy on how. I am not feeling a need to clarify, either. Following Snow Buddies, we'll pop in High School Musical 3.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I sure did. Hugh Jackman is my new boyfriend. He sings and dances and is awesome as a wolverine. His musical numbers were to die for. My favorite moment of the night was when Ben Stiller came out dressed like Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. Man, that was funny.

This afternoon, a lady from the quilt shop is coming out to help me with the MEGA QUILTER. I really hope we can get it back up and running. The thread has been breaking and I cannot figure it out.

So, that's today for us. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the one well person in the house is me. Of course.


Chiloe said...

Moms can be sick; otherwise they can't become nurses !!! lol Hope everyone improve soon ;-)

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Sean Connery and hellloooo Hugh Jackman. Hubba hubba. Hope you're still the last man standing tomorrow.

Lori Cole said...

You know Hugh Jackman has nothing on your own Curly...especially the character he plays in Evita! How can you resist that?! Hope the family is better soon. Miss seeing you guys but love your blog!