Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday my computer moved slower than Mini-me in flip flops. I could only get on email once. Yikes! Curly was also having trouble at work, so we figure there must have been a Verizon issue.

A few days ago, I took Curly, Mini-me, and Patch to get haircuts. I didn't take Curly's picture. Frankly, his haircuts stopped being a big deal about 33 years ago. But, I did get some cute shots of the other two. Patch looks a little like Matt Damon. Hubba hubba.
Yesterday we said "goodbye" to Flower for three weeks. She will be going to the Outer Banks with her mom and step-dad and both sets of grandparents on that side. I hope they have a marvelous time. We will miss Flower, but we will not miss having to fill the gas tank as often. Coal to oil, anyone?
On the docket today is an exciting trip to Costco, where hopefully they can fix the leak in our tire without having to replace it, and where we will refill on such staples as fruit snacks and pop tarts. I just love Costco, don't you?


the highlight addict said...

Yes, and miss Costco so very much!

The haircuts look great!

Melonius said...

Costco is high on my list of things I am looking forward to when we move!! There will be at least 2 that are closer than the 1 we have here.