Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night, as we were waiting for the babysitter to arrive, Mini-me and I had the following conversation:

Mini-me: What's Jessica's dad's name?
Me: Mr. C.
Mini-me: What's Jessica's mom's name?
Me: Mrs. C.
Mini-me: Well, that's convenient.


Anne Marie said...

LOL! It is convenient one of those easy things when they are married. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Tanya said...

Too cute! Kids say the funniest things.

Glad you want to join me for the reading challenge! I started THE PENDERWICKS tonight - I think ALL OF A KIND FAMILY will be next up. Think of some titles and let me know what you'll be reading - fun!


the highlight addict said...

She sounds exactly like you!

Ang said...

LOL! Great story!