Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

When the kids woke me up this morning, pre-alarm at about 6:45, Mini-me asked if she could buy her lunch at school today. I responded: "No, honey. It's Saturday." I have no idea what my dream was before I woke up, but apparently it involved the weekend. I was slightly disheartened to figure out that it was actually Wednesday, but that lasted a short moment. I have a lot to do this week and can't afford to lose days!

My Weight Watchers weigh in went well yesterday. I am down another 1.8 pounds, which brings my grand total to .2 shy of 10 pounds. Next week I should hit my 5% goal. I must confess, I am only doing the eating portion of WW right now. I have not added exercise back in. Lately I have been exhausted, and I'm not sure why. Ginger is mostly sleeping through the night, but I find myself dragging at times. I know what my dad would say. He'd tell me to go to the gym and get my energy back. He's right. So I'll do that. Maybe tomorrow.

Patch and I have gotten into a great Tuesday routine. We take Mini-me to school, and then get in the car to go to my meeting. After WW, we head to the library. Then, we have lunch. Yesterday I took him to the Scottish restaurant, because a lady nearly ran him over when she decided she wanted to drive on the sidewalk. I know, I know. We shouldn't soothe with food. But nuggets and fries were the balm to his wounded heart. He stopped crying and talking about the "mean lady" once food was in hand. After lunch, we go to the YMCA for open gym. He runs and runs and jumps and runs some more. We come home, have a little rest, and then pick up Mini-me from school. We love Tuesdays.

This afternoon, we are headed to pick up Flower from school. It's our last day with her for 2 weeks. It's her Spring Break next week, and it's her mom's year to have her. We will miss her, but I have big plans to get her room finished. Hopefully it will help keep my hands of the crackers.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your good weigh in. I love your Tuesday plan with Patch, too.

Lisa said...

Tuesdays with gotta love that!