Sunday, July 05, 2009

Holiday Hangover

We are all in a bit of a hangover state today. So tired, and not feeling quite our best. But man, what a 4th!

It started with breakfast at the Olson Ranch.

Curly showed up in costume. This year, he was Benjamin Franklin.

The M. Lee's came up for a delicious lunch (if I do say it myself).

PT and Marianne were a little nervous at our house. Why? One word: Gracie.

We then walked to Baker Park, and rode ponies.

We also went in Moon Bounces and climbed up inflatable structures.

Dinner was at the Country O'Kigin's house. It was also delicious.

For dessert, Flag Cake.


Rach said...

how come you only have 4 rows of red and white? don't you know there are 7 red and 6 white? sounds like a busy 4th and of course we have year round school. 6 more days!!!

Lisa said...

Well, that is the perfect 4th of July if there ever was one!